Superior Chassis Brace/Repair Plate Suitable For Ford Ranger PX2/Mazda BT-50 Dual Cab Only

This is a Chassis Brace/Repair Plate Suitable For Ford Ranger PX2/Mazda BT-50 from Superior Engineering.

Late model 4wd’s are also particularly prone to bent rear chassis’, partly due to the chassis size and thickness and the remarkably high advertised ‘rated’ towing and load capacities. Towing and carrying loads that are not ideally distributed can accelerate cracking and failure, which is made even worse when done over rough or rugged terrain.

Overloaded 4x4’s are dangerous & unroadworthy, air bags or extra heavy duty springs don't solve the problem and if not combined with the appropriate chassis modifications may end up an expensive or dangerous mistake.

The Superior Engineering range of Weld-on chassis braces, dramatically increase the sectional strength of the chassis in key critical areas. These braces are currently available for a range of vehicles such as – Toyota Hilux Vigo & Revo, Nissan Navara D40 & NP300, Ford Ranger PX2/ Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi ML/MN & MQ Triton, Holden Colorado / Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Landcruiser 79 and many more. Although these are a DIY kit, it is recommended, that any welding to the chassis be performed by a qualified welder and all modification / repairs be certified and approved according to local rules and regulations.

Superior Engineering has done a lot of the hard work for you by having NCOP Engineering ‘Design Approval’ on all of their chassis strengthening plate kits. This means that once correctly fitted, a simple mod plate under the NCOP VSB light-vehicle code can be easily applied.

Weld on brace Kits are often a great alternative if a welded repair of the chassis is being done or some preventative measures are added when a lift kit is being installed. Due to the increasing correlation between the installing Airbags and bent chassis, it is HIGHLY recommended that chassis braces be added as prior preventative insurance for you vehicle.

Alternatively a Weld-on Chassis Brace Kit can be fitted to a torn or become badly deformed chassis as part of the repair process. The repairer can utilise profile-cut plates to add significant strength to the chassis and the damaged area. Like any chassis repair, consult your local authorities as to the requirements.

The Flow chart below explains the ideal way to Fit, Inspect and Approve your Superior Engineering Chassis Brace.

NOTE: These braces do not increase the load or towing capacity of the vehicle.

Chassis Brace plates are designed as an aid and are not recommended for vehicles that may be excessively loaded. Vehicles that are loaded beyond the original OE GVM and GCM are advised to have additional chassis reinforcement designed and added Suitable For each particular application.

Please check with your local transport authority about legality before purchasing.

This brace kit requires welding of the brace for correct fitment. This is recommended to be done by a certified welder.

Superior Chassis Brace/Repair Plate Ford Ranger PX2/Mazda BT-50

Superior Chassis Brace/Repair Plate Ford Ranger PX2/Mazda BT-50

Superior Chassis Brace/Repair Plate Ford Ranger PX2/Mazda BT-50

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