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Layby Conditions

  • You, as a Valued customer must first have a Superior Engineering account. Creating an account is quick and easy and is part of the buying process (just your email and password). THEIR IS NO COST IN THIS.
  • You as the customer is deemed to have agreed to the following terms outlined below.


  • Layby orders only accepted for orders above $500.
  • Only credit card payments will be accepted for layby orders unless approved by Superior Engineering(qld) pty ltd.
  • A minimum deposit of 20% is required at the time the layby is placed.
  • You choose the number of installments and intervals of installments this can be arranged with us.
  • If your payment of an installment is declined that payment will be rescheduled for processing/charging on the following day.
  • If a payment of an installment is declined four (4) times consecutively, your layby will be placed into suspension.
  • Installments will be charged on the indicated date in the Australia Time Zone (GMT +10.00).
  • The deposit and all installments will be charged in Australian currency (Australian Dollars) calculated based on the total Australia dollar price of the layby order.


  • Your order will be delivered to you when the final payment is made and all payments have cleared.

Layby Time Frames

  • The maximum time frame available for a layby is dependant on the price of the order.
  • For layby orders valued over $500 AU, the layby period can be up totwenty (20) weeks.


  • Any cancellations may incur financial penalties at Superior Engineering (qld)pty ltd discretion.
  • If your order is in suspension for an extended period of time, without being rectified by you, your layby order may be cancelled at Superior Engineering’s discretion and all payments previously collected will be forfeited without refund.


  • Superior Engineering will contact you regarding your layby by email.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure our emails are not filtered from your email inbox.
  • Emails will be sent from – please ensure this email address is in your email white list.

Payment Schedules

  • All payment schedules and order histories can be requested from Superior Engineering and can be sent to you.

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