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Virtual Patent Markings

The following products are covered by one or more patents or patent applications in the Australia and elsewhere. This website is provided to aid in the notification of virtual marking provisions within Australia and its territories. Additional patents may be issued and additional patent applications may be pending within Australia and elsewhere.

2015101600 Tie-Rods, Draglinks, Panhards, Control Arm - Upper and Lower
2014100156 SuperFlex Swaybar Kits
2012232947 Bolt-on Rear Tower Brace kit
2012203220 Radius Arms - Superflex
2008202797 Radius Arms - Superflex
201410785 SuperFlex Swaybar Kits - Front
201416383 SuperFlex Swaybar Kits - Front
201511774 Leaf Spring U-Bolt Plates - High Clearance
201516906 Patrol Bolt-in Front Bumpstop kit
201611435 Patrol Bolt-in Rear UTE Bumpstop kit
201714719 Patrol 5 Link Lower Control Arm - Superior Style
201715506 Patrol 5 Link Lower Control Arm - Conventional Billet
2018101191 Patrol 5 Link - Assy
2018211225 Patrol 5 Link - Assy
201815144 Toyota Landcruiser 79 Handbrake Cam - Design
201817399 Toyota Landcruiser 79 Bolt-On Long Arm Mount - Design
2018904644 Toyota Landcruiser external clamp Tierod end - Patent Pending
2019100726 Toyota Landcruiser external clamp Tierod end
202010116 Toyota Landcruiser 200 front diff drop