Superior 40mm Lift Kit Nissan Navara NP300 Coil Rear (Basic Kit)

Superior Engineering has put together a basic, entry level 40mm Superior lift kit (Basic Kit) to suit the Nissan Navara NP300 four wheel drive vehicle.

Just use your vehicles original suspension and add these components.

The suspension kit is supplied with the following Superior Suspension Parts:

  • 2 x Alloy front strut spacers
  • 2 x Rear Coil Spacers

This Kit will lift the front of your vehicle up 40-45mm and bring the rear up to be level with the front (about 20-25mm).

For warranty reasons, when fitting a lift kit you should always fill out a Fitment form.

Click here for a printable Lift Kit Fitment Form

40mm Superior lift kit (Basic Kit)

Strut Spacer 45mm Click & Drag On The Image For A 360° View.
Vehicle Information
Lift Height 40mm

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