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Superior Rock Rod 4140 Comp Spec

Don't get Bitten by purchasing a lower Quality Steering Rod on the Market.

At Superior Engineering we use 35mm OD 4140 Solid High tensile steel for our Comp Spec steering rods, while other manufactures only use 30-33mm steel or smaller and in many cases they only use bright mild or just plain mild steel.

Also some of the other brands of steering rods have a machined flat section for adjustment, this is not needed and only makes the rods weaker in that area by minimising the overall thickness of the bar.

A simple pair of Vise Grips or stilsens is all that is needed to properly hold a Superior Rock Rod when fitting to your vehicle.

Superior Engineering 4140 rock rods only use top quality Tie rod ends on both the Drag Link and the Tie Rod Assemblies. We always try and supply the greasable style ends but on occasions we may supply pre greased Tie Rods ends depending on the availability.

On all our Tie rod ends, we can supply spare rubber boots if needed... if in the unfortunate scenario a boot is torn. Female Tie Rod ends are commonly used on most of our Nissan 4140 Rock rods and Male Threaded Tie Rod ends are always used for the Toyota range. Other brands will depend on the factory style ends.

All Superior Engineering Rock Rods are CNC machined to ensure complete accuracy in the threads to keep within the stringent tolerances that all steering parts need to comply to.

Once the rods are machined, they are shipped of to a facility that coates them in a solution that is referred to as SA5 Zinc coating. This gives maximum protection against the elements such as dirt and water to help keep the appearance and quality of the product. SA5 is extremely resistant to corrosion making it a better coating to apply than paint or powder coating.

At Superior Engineering when you purchase your Rock Rod you can be assured that you will receive a damper bracket if required. Most other manufacturers charge an additional fee if a damper bracket is required. We only use quality steel that wont bend and just like our Rock Rods the damper brackets are SA5 Coated for maximum rust Prevention.

The same 4140 Material Superior Engineering uses is also used for the following Applications:

Categories: Agriculture, Automotive, Bar, Earth Moving, Mining and Transport.

  • Gear and Engine Construction
  • Crankshafts
  • Pulley Shafts
  • Connecting rods
  • Spindles
  • High tensile bolts
  • Motor axle shafts

More Information

To find out more about the 4140 Steering Rod

Why choose a Superior Engineering COMP SPEC 4140 ROCK ROD?

Question 1 - Are these the strongest on the market?
Answer - We believe our Rock rods are the strongest on the market.
Question 2 - Is it possible to bend them?
Answer - Yes you can bend any steering rod, but ours are extremely strong and take a lot to bend. If they are any stronger you may break associated steering parts.
Question 3 - Do Superior Rods come complete?
Answer - Yes we supply them with the Tie rod ends.
Question 4 - Do I need to purchase a damper bracket for my vehicle with these steering rods?
Answer - No they will come with the appropriate damper bracket to suit your vehicle at no extra cost.
Question 5 - Are replacement parts available if I damage one?
Answer - Yes we carry all spare parts including the Tie Rod ends, damper brackets and rubber boots.
Question 6 - Will they rust?
Answer - Any steel is susceptible to rusting. Superior Rock rods have one of the best Anti-corrosive coatings available so they do resist rust but it is still recommended to maintain them.
Question 7 - Do I need to purchase a special size for my lift?
Answer - Most vehicles are only "one size fits all". It is best to ask us if you are not sure. Generally Toyota and Nissan are ony the one size.
Question 8 - How long until I receive my steering rod if I purchase it?
Answer - Usually we ship out within one business day and then it will depend on the speed of the couriers. Goods are sent from our Brisbane distribution depot.
Question 9 - Do the Superior Engineering Rock Rods come with a left and right hand thead?
Answer - Yes they are supplied with both left and right hand threads so the rods can be adjusted on the vehicle.
Question 10 - Will this fix my steering problems?
Answer - If your steering rod is worn then they will fix that problem. If there are other worn parts you will also need to replace the other parts to acheive a safe vehicle.
Question 11 - Are these rods so strong other steering parts may break?
Answer - No they have been designed to have the maximum allowable strength in the front of the vehicle so no other parts will break. The rods have a large amount of deflection that will stop the knuckles and other associated parts from being damaged.
Question 12 - How heavy are these rods are they too heavy?
Answer - The biggest of the rods is the GU patrol Tie Rod and they weigh approx 11kg. This additional weight will not damage any associated suspension or steering parts.
Question 13 - What warranty do they have?
Answer - All our 4140 Comp Spec steering rods come with a 12 month warranty against manufactured defects.
Question 14 - Is there a warranty against bending them?
Superior Engineering offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Bending a Comp Spec 4140 Rock Rod. If you bend the rod, Superior Engineering will at there discrection either replace or straighten the rod. The Customer must pay freight and any other costs of removing or refitting the rod for Superior Engineering to perform the warranty.

"Go with SUPERIOR ENGINEERING and Steer with Confidence!"