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Brown Davis Underbody Protection

Brown Davis Underbody Protection and Underguards

Brown Davis 4X4 Underguards Automotive Underbody Protection Plates
Figure 1. - Brown Davis Underguards Automotive Underbody Protection Plates.

While bull bars, side rails and rear bars will help keep vulnerable vehicle panels free from damage, various vital components underneath your vehicle are also at risk when you drive in challenging off-road terrain.

Off-road touring is fraught with potential hazards that ultimately leave travelers stranded in remote, hard to reach locations. Those who have suffered the merciless wrath of the outback's rugged terrain, will know first hand just how serious an issue it really is. A punctured sump, a tail shaft jammed with logs, or even a damaged radiator. A failure of this nature can be both very costly and terrifying for those unlucky enough to be stranded without help.

Brown Davis has tackled the issue of underbody protection head on, to develop bullet-proof armour plates for the underside of most popular offroad machines. With over 30 years of road experience and a solid understanding of what is encountered when off road trekking, Brown Davis has every base of design covered to ensure you have every chance of battling the outback and winning every time. By incorporating specific design features and utilising high grade materials, the Brown Davis range of underguards will protect you and your vehicle.

Laser cut on high-tech machinery, each guard is manufactured from 3mm aluminised steel specially imported by Brown Davis. The guards are welded to Australian Standard AS - 1554 and come with a satin black powder coat finish.

All Brown Davis underguards incorporate several unique and important engineering design features, combining to deliver a superior product. Through years of testing and development, Brown Davis has been able to raise the bar in underbody protection.

Providing a safeguard for the underside of your vehicle, Brown Davis underbody protection will give you more peace of mind in any type of situation.

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Brown Davis Fitted Underguard Protection Plate and Body Armour
Figure 2. - A Brown Davis Fitted Underguard Protection Plate and Body Armour.

Underguard Features

Venting Slots: Often to fully protect the underside of a vehicle and the vital cooling components underbody protection can seal off the lower part of the engine bay, however Brown Davis incorporates strategically placed venting holes to ensure proper cooling efficiency is maintained for items like the radiator and inter-cooler.

Bolt Head Protection: Although having a guard bolted up underneath the vehicle offers protection against object impact, the bolt heads protruding from the guard on mount locations can pose a potential problem if not adequately protected. Where possible Brown Davis recesses mounts into the guard to leave no bolt head protrusion, however where this is not achievable due to vehicle design and chassis restrictions, Brown Davis strategically weld shields around bolt head locations, preventing damage and thus ensuring easy removal of the guard for service and cleaning.

Recessed Sump Oil Drain Plate: on vehicles where sump drains vertical, Brown Davis incorporates it's Oil Drain Plate. These plates are recessed flush with the guard and bolts up with countersunk bolts. This gives easy access to drain your sump and leaves no opening for objects to protude through and leaver off destroying vital vehicle parts.

Cross-Break Folding: On larger guards, long flat areas are carefully pressed with a 'X' pattern across the area to increase stiffness and rigidity of the guard and improve the underguards' ability to deflect large objects.

Vehicle Protection:

  • Designed to protect vital underbody components including steering, engine sump, transmission and transfer case.
  • Pressed and folded 3mm aluminised steel laser cut steel provides more strength than folded steel alone.
  • Securely bolted to the chassis providing superior structural integrity.
  • Easy bolt-on installation.
  • Optimal strength to weight ratio.
  • All components are powder coated for a quality finish.
  • Press folded in key areas for absolute maximum strength.
  • Designed for ultimate performance and durability.
Brown Davis Underbody Protection Armour - The best insurance for your 4WD
Figure 3. - Brown Davis Underbody Protection Armour - The BEST insurance for your 4WD.

Protection Suitable For The Following Vehicles

Ford/Mazda Underguards
Ford/Mazda Underguards
Holden Underguards
Holden Underguards
Isuzu underguards
Isuzu underguards
Jeep underguards
Jeep underguards
Landrover Underguards
Landrover Underguards
Mitsubishi Underguards
Mitsubishi Underguards
Nissan Underguards
Nissan Underguards
Suzuki Underguards
Suzuki Underguards
Toyota Underguards
Toyota Underguards

Underguard Construction

All Brown Davis Under Body Protection Guards are constructed from high-grade 3mm Aluminium coated cold rolled steel, to ensure maximum strength and durability.

This gauge of steel is sufficiently resistant to damage by impact, yet absorbent enough to bend nor damage the vehicle chassis and cross members.

This material is specifically imported by Brown Davis based on critical specifications. Unlike aluminium, steel is not prone to fatigue from vibration and twisting as seen in off road conditions.

This fatigue resistance far outweighs any weight advantage aluminium may offer. However, the aluminium coating on the specific steel used by Brown Davis, offer's the strength of steel with the anti-corrosion properties of aluminium.

The Brown Davis Under Guard and Body Armour Skid Plate range consists of three main types of underguards, designed for specific applications and protection. Some guards contain two or more of the below listed guard areas incorporated into the one design (model specific). Where possible Brown Davis also makes every effort to ensure the most 'universal' of fitment to cater for most popular bull bars.

Serious Underbody Protection for your four wheel drive vehicle
Figure 4. - This is Serious Underbody Protection for your four wheel drive vehicle

Underguard Types

Front Guard: Designed to protect the front of the vehicle against potential damage to vital components such as radiators, intercoolers, steering rack, tie rods and diff. Some guards also extend under the engine to protect your sump thus reducing the risk of losing oil and potentially causing severe engine damage. Where possible guards are designed to slope at specific angles to act as a deflecting tool to help push any objects downwards under the vehicle away from further damage.

Transmission guard: Mounted beneath the transmission (manual or automatic), the transmission guards protect against protrusions that may potentially damage the transmission or tail shaft to transmission input. These guards are designed to extend from the rear of the front guard to act as a complete skid under your vehicle as you slide over tough terrain.

Transfer case guard: these guards can be mounted to the chassis or in some cases directly to the Transfer case itself. They are designed to protected the transfer case from protrusions as well as direct impacts from ramp over in tough terrain.

Fuel tank guard: Brown Davis make a very limited number of fuel tank protection guards as in most cases we offer a strong fully baffled steel replacment tank.

Figure 5. - A view of the the Brown Davis under vehicle body protection plate.

Quality Manufacturing

In mid 2011 Brown Davis Automotive were proud to obtain their certificate of IS0 9001 Quantity Management System. The QMS is the prime management tool by which Brown Davis can assure itself that they fully understand the needs of their clients. This also enables them to successfully and efficiently manage its research capacity, physical and human resources and assets, and manufacturing expertise to reliably meet the quality and service expectations of its clients.

The QMS also ensures that Brown Davis is able to fully understand all regulatory and compliance issues relating to its products and the nature of their intended use, and be able to satisfy themselves that they meet all the compliance obligations.

Substantial internal systems and databases, regular internal audits and thorough management regimes regularly monitor the performance of the Brown Davis, and ISO 9001 certification is confirmed and maintained by rigorous external audits conducted by SAI Global.

The Brown Davis ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System covers all the major automotive engineering functions of:

  • Design
  • Prototype development
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Manufacture of production samples and jigs
  • Introduction of product manufacture
  • Quality assurance of all manufacturing processes
  • Packaging and dispatch
"When fitted with this underbody protection system, you are sure to negotiate any uneven rough track or off-road terrain with peace of mind."

Which Part Needs Protecting?

Front Underbody Vehicle Protection

Front underbody protection covers your vehicles engine and steering components. These components are often the first point of contact with rough terrain and many off road drivers prefer this section of the vehicle be protected with under body protection.

Middle Underbody Vehicle Protection

Middle underbody protection of your vehicle includes the gearbox and transfer case. The middle components of your off road vehicle can be subjected to serious damage in severe conditions. The middle section protection will protect your middle chassis components from catching on whatever you're driving over.

Rear Underbody Vehicle Protection

The rear underbody protection protects your vehicles fuel tank. Having a hole in the fuel tank as the result of off road use can be a major problem.

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