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Adjustable Rods Sealed Rods

by Superior Engineering

Michael Hayes discusses the revolutionary way Superior Engineering protect linkages from corrosion and rust!

Like so many of us, you have probably had that lift kit in for a few years now and it's finally time to change the bushes or adjust those tierods, draglinks, panhard rods and control arms, but after an hour of cursing, bashing and swinging off the end of a huge wrench you still can't get the damn thing to budge! It's times like this, when they are rusted shut and unable to be adjusted, when you would rather just be out enjoying your 4WD.

Most 4WDs sooner or later will get subjected to conditions that may cause corrosion of your suspension components. Sometimes it can be just a case of built up road grime trapping in moisture from the last beach trip or that coating in mud from a recent getaway. Adjustable links no matter what the brand have always been susceptible to allowing moisture to seep down past between thread and locking nut which eventually leads to corrosion or rust. Of course a premium material such as the through-hardened 4340M used in the Superior Engineering Comp Spec drag link and tie rods naturally resist rust and corrosion, despite being the best material available they are not totally immune to corrosion.

Superior Engineering has developed a revolutionary way to eliminate the ingress of moisture or liquid that can cause corrosion or rust on all of their threaded adjustable suspension linkages. By adding a specially machined seal groove and incorporating a hydraulic seal between the locking nuts, the thread and the link, a perfect pressure tight seal is created. This patented process (PN- 2015101600) is now available across the range on internally threaded items such as tie rods, draglinks, panhard rods, control arms (upper and lower).

When it comes time to adjust the link, the locking nut/s retains the hydraulic seal which have kept all of the moisture, corrosion and bad stuff from getting down and into the threaded adjustment area of the rod. The seal simply maintains the rod in perfect condition allowing future adjustments to be done quickly, easily and safely, reducing costs by eliminating excess labour charge of having a mechanic fighting with rusted links trying to adjust them or being told the threads are too rusty to be safe. Although all manufacturers have similar requirements regarding regular maintenance and inspection, by installing Superior Engineering links and rods you will have peace of mind knowing you have added resistance from hidden rust and corrosion inside your steering and suspension links.

The introduction of this technology is now featured in all tie rods, draglinks, panhard rods and adjustable rear control arms (upper and lower) that use an internal threaded section. These products range from the now standard heavy-duty 1045 and 4140 right up to the competition series 4340 rods and links. Even the bent adjustable upper arms that cater for those with long range tanks are now manufactured with this as standard.

This simple piece of technology is proving to make these new Superior Engineering suspension components the best available as well as the longest lasting and most user-friendly. A safe reliable choice when you're considering any suspension upgrade for your 4WD. For more information or help with these or other products, please contact Superior Engineering and let their technical sales team assist you in selecting the right parts for your 4WD.

Rear Superior Adjustable Panhard Rod Fitted With ITS Seal Technology
Rear Superior Adjustable Panhard Rod Fitted With ITS Seal Technology

Superior Panhard Rod, Tierod and Draglink Setup With New ITS Seal Technology
Superior Patented ITS Seal Technology CAD Diagram Drawing
Superior Patented ITS Seal Technology CAD Diagram Drawing
Superior Engineering Control Arm Showing ITS Seal Technology
Superior Engineering Control Arm Showing ITS Seal Technology

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Date Published: 2016-06-28

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