This is a Superior Engineering Hyperflex Hybrid Radius Arm with Drop Boxes to suit the Nissan Patrol GQ/GU.

Superior Engineering is leading the way again with our latest radius arms design, the Hyperflex Radius Arm.
We figured if one of our Patented Superflex was good then why not run two, and after some testing we are now proud to offer the Hyperflex Radius Arms.

These arms don't just offer extreme levels of flex for the front of your Nissan patrol, the also handle extremely well on road.
We have completed NCOP approval testing up to 110km/h, meaning the Hyperflex Radius Arms are legal* for use on road throughout Australia.

(*currently testing has only be completed on NON VSC Nissan Patrol GU, Other models will be tested shortly)

The difference with our hybrid design arms over the standard Nissan radius arms is the use of a Toyota style rear bush. This change allows increased life from the rear bush when flexing the arms up off road, by allowing the arm to flex down without the binding found in the pin style design.

With the arms, we supply the mounting drop boxes that are a straight bolt in design requiring no cutting and all bolts need for mounting. We also supply fitting instructions and all the bushes are pressed into the arms so you don’t have to.

With these arms, you will get the flex and drivability you need, and longer life from your bushes. Why not have extra flex as well as good on-road handling?

Benefits of Superior Engineering HYPERFLEX Drop Radius Arms:

  • Manufactured from High Tensile Bisalloy 80/Strenx700 Plate
  • High Tensile Bush Eyes
  • Massive 32mm main Beam thickness for maximum strength
  • Rubber Bushes pre- fitted into arms
  • Laser cut to precise measurement and caster location
  • Authentic Superior Engineering Logo machined into side of Arms
  • Factory Swaybar will fit to allow safe on-road handling
  • Factory ABS lines will bolt on
  • HYPERFLEX ARMS are manufactured to suit various lifts
  • Sandblasted with rust prevention applied
  • Powder Coated for maximum durability and finish
  • High Tensile Bisalloy 80/Strenx700 Plate will not crack unlike Cast Radius Arms
  • Sway Bar Adapter plate bracket and bolts have an SA5 Zinc coating for rust prevention
  • Allows vehicle to track correctly on road due to correct caster
  • Maximum Clearance between the Tie Rod and the Radius Arms
  • Factory bushes fit the HYPERFLEX ARMS; we don’t use special sizes Bushes
  • Superior Engineering's HYPERFLEX ARMS are a Patented Design

Patent No's. 2010100451, 2011904187

NOTE: Please check ABS sensor lines(if fitted) are free to move through the full range of travel.
Factory bump stops may need to be extended depending on the coils and shock combination used.
Due to the huge variances in different weights of vehicles / heights variances and suspension combinations in
vehicles it is highly recommended to move your suspension in the full range of the
shock absorber compression / rebound travel and also taking into consideration coil bind,
check all areas for clearance issues ,if you require more assistance in this talk to one of our sales team for further advice.


Drop Box - straight bolt in design requiring no cutting and all bolts need for mounting

Hyperflex Radius Arm - designed for maximum articulation as well as excellent high speed handling

Vehicle Information
Lift Height 2 inch|50mm

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