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Superior Coil Conversion Full Front and Rear Kit Suitable For Ford Ranger PXII/Mazda BT-50 (VSC Models) with Fox Shocks

Superior Coil Conversion Full Front and Rear Kit Suitable For Ford Ranger PXII/Mazda BT-50 (VSC Models) with Fox Shocks

Superior Coil Conversion Full Front and Rear Kit Suitable For Ford Ranger PXII/Mazda BT-50 (VSC Models) with Fox Shocks

NOTE: This kit can not be fitted to vehicles fitted with long range tanks.
NOTE: Exhaust mods are not included in this price and will have to added to the final cost, the exhaust will need the be modified from the rear control arm mount back.

Are you after the All New Ford Ranger Raptor but can't justify the cost?

Superior Engineering has a cost effective solution that gives you some of the Cool and Functionality of the New Ford Ranger Raptor at a fraction of the cost - introducing the Superior Engineering Coil Conversion Full Front and Rear Kit Suitable For Ford Ranger PXII/Mazda BT-50 (VSC Models) with Fox Shocks.

Maintain your 3.2L Motor and 3500kg towing capacity while gaining the Full Coil Rear, and Fox Suspension the Raptor owners are paying many thousands more to get.


Convert your leaf sprung Ford Ranger PXII/Mazda BT-50 to a more compliant ride and better handling both on and offroad with one of our Superior Engineering Coil Conversion Kits, designed, tested and manufactured right here in Brisbane to suit all Australian conditions.
This kit is supplied with everything you need to convert your vehicle from leaves to coils except the coils and shocks, this allows you to run your own selection of coils or shocks.
It still includes all other required parts such as all brackets, mounts, control arms and swaybar as well.
The NCOP VSB pre-approval paperwork is also supplied, so you can legally have the Coil suspension fitted and approved on your vehicle.
The Coil Conversion kit utilises many original bolt locations to precisely place many of the brackets on the vehicle, allowing simple installation.

The Superior Engineering Weld-In coil conversion design was chosen to provide a more robust and longer lasting solution for the popular Ford Ranger.
​LESS Expense, Less Maintenance and improved chassis strength is why - Welding is the preferred method. Who would want to drive to the cape over corrugated tracks and have to stop to check if your rear suspension is still bolted in all the time?

Once you drive on a coil rear vehicle you won’t ever want to go back to leaf sprung suspension! Do your spine a favour, and get the Superior Engineering Weld-In Coil Suspension.

We have developed this kit to be easy to install with full instructions and have done all the hard work and testing as well as performing accredited lane change tests and the Design pre-approval under the VSB LS Codes.
This kit needs to be welded by a qualified boilermaker or welder (AS1554.1 certified) and fitted by a suitably qualified suspension fitter.
Once this coil conversion is fitted the vehicle must be produced at your local transport approved modification plate officer, they will inspect that the vehicle has the suspension fitted in accordance with the supplied instructions and is welded correctly and to an acceptable standard, original invoice will need to be provided for the coil kit at time of inspection to prove it is a Superior Engineering kit . The inspector/ officer will then plate the vehicle with an LS6 approval code. As with all modification and aftermarket accessories, it is recommended to confirm all modifications in writing with your insurance company as some policies or providers may not accept such modifications although street legal.

This kit is designed to use Nissan Patrol Rear Shocks, which gives a great range to choose from.
Please call us for advise on coil shock selection.


  • Street Legal & Compliant, Approval Under VSB LS Codes
  • Weld-In Kit Featuring 4 x Chassis Side Strengthening Braces
  • Heavy Duty Coil Tower Brace
  • Uses Factory Mounting Locations For A Precise Fit
  • Supplied Pre-Fabricated For An Easy Installation
  • Improved Roll Axis For Tyre Clearance
  • Increased Wheel Travel & Articulation
  • Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  • 40mm OD Fixed Lower Control Arms
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Panhard Included
  • Compatible with Coil Air Bags
  • 5-Link Rear Suspension Setup
  • Fully Adjustable Pinion Angle
  • Provides More Precise Handling
  • Improved Comfort & Ride
  • 350 Grade Steel Mounts
  • Will work on up to 5” lift

Kit Contains

  • Front Fox IFP 2.0 Struts
  • Rear Fox IFP 2.0 Shocks
  • Front Coils
  • Rear Coils
  • Superior Front Upper Control Arms
  • Superior Rear Coil Conversion kit

Rear Coil Conversion includes

Side Chassis Brace
Adjustable Panhard
Upper Control Arm Mounts (Diff and Chassis)
Lower Control Arm Fixed Pins
Lower Control Arm/Shock Mount
Coil Tower/Bracing
Lower Coil Mounts
Upper Adjustable Control Arms
Lower Control Arms
Handbrake Relocation Bracketry
All Required Bolts and Fasteners

NOTE: Some modifications to the rear of the exhaust system will be required to fit this kit.

Superior Coil Conversion Stage 1 Rear Kit Ford Ranger PXII (VSC Models) front view

Superior Coil Conversion Stage 1 Rear Kit Ford Ranger PXII (VSC Models) rear view

NOTE: The welding of this kit must meet or exceed Australian Standard AS 1554 Structural steel
welding Category SP. In general for approval purposes, this part needs to be welded by a qualified
welder who has performed and understands the correct welding procedure that is required.

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Vehicle Information
Lift Height 0-2 inch