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Legendex 409 Stainless Steel 3 Inch Exhaust Suitable For Ford Ranger 3.2lt 2011 on

Product ID28655
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$1,595.00  (Each)

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This Exhaust system is made in Australia to order, please allow up to 4 weeks for the exhaust to be made.

Legendex delivers serious grunt & rumble. That means much more power, engine life and economy - and that commanding presence,
that distinct sound that only Legendex delivers.

  • Unrivaled 10 years off-road warranty
  • 409 (exhaust grade) stainless
  • Ceramic coated dump pipe with 30% thicker tube
  • Heavy duty hangers & brackets
  • High-flow diesel specific cat
  • High-flow stainless packed muffler
  • Coated in 800 degree thermal paint

Up to 40% power gains

Paired with a Legendex PCM your Legendex exhaust will give you the maximum power gains.
You are guaranteed at least 10% gains with just the exhaust mod - but we have seen 24% gains on the dyno and up to 40% with both exhaust and PCM mods

Easier, safer towing

The extra power takes the stress out of towing. Hill climbs are easy. Safe, quick overtaking is back on the table. That extra power means safer maneuvering.

Better fuel economy

Because your engine is more efficient it uses less fuel - typically 8-12% fuel savings. It won't be long before your investment pays for itself.

Easy DIY fit

We test fit every Legendex exhaust system on our backs in the dirt. No hoist or jacks are required. No cutting or welding. No special mechanical skills or tools are required.
We only use the factory mount points and WE GUARANTEE A PERFECT FIT - OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


POWER GAINS:   Up to 33% at the wheel with Legendex exhaust and Legendex PCM. Guaranteed at least 10% with Legendex exhaust only.

FUEL EFFICIENCY:  Typical gains 8-12% greater fuel efficiency.

WARRANTY: 10 years off-road warranty (5yrs +5yrs extended warranty with registration) 

PIPE SIZE/MATERIAL: 3" 409 (exhaust grade) stainless

DUMP PIPE: Ceramic coated hand-crafted 2mm tube. Coating insulates up to 200 degrees centigrade.

TURBO FLANGES: Heavy duty 12mm steel plates

SYSTEM FLANGES: 10mm steel plate 2-bolt flanges for maximum clearances and greater system alignment adjustability.

EGT/PYRO FITTING:  Yes - 1/4 NPT thread included bung. Note: 1/8 NPT and 1/8 BSP gauges require an thread converter which is cheaply and easily available online.
but most gauge supply the converter.

MUFFLERS: polished 304 grade stainless case with 409 stainless internals. Perforated straight-through high-flow internal design. Stainless wool and fiberglass packing.

MOUNT POINTS: All factory mount points. Re-use factory rubbers.

HANGERS: Heavy duty hangers & brackets all collar mounted to tube.

CATALYTIC CONVERTERS: Twin high-flow diesel specific 200-cell stainless core cats. Euro-spec compliant. Not included with some system configurations.

SYSTEM COATING: Coated in 800 degree thermal paint.

INCLUDED: Detailed easy-to-follow instructions. System gaskets, nuts, bolts & pyro plug. Note: the factory turbo gaskets are a multi-layer metal gasket and may be safely re-used.
System components will vary according to which system configuration is chosen.

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