E-board Electric Retractable Side Steps Ford Ranger PX/PX11


The modern design of these Eboard steps are perfectly matched to the appearance of the each vehicle model.
The length and position of the extended treads are ergonomically matched to the vehicle for the easiest access.


Each step is driven by two motors. This ensures there is sufficient force to reliably retract the treads, and that a one-sided incomplete retraction as can be the case with treads with only one motor is avoided.
The high quality motors are equipped with Overheating protection and installed in a sturdy housing. They provide high performance with low power consumption. 
The pivoting movement is very even and smooth and the motors are designed for a temperature range of -40 ° C to + 80 ° C.
All brackets and the articulated arms are extremely sturdy and, like the treads are made a very high quality standard.


An intelligent monitoring system automatically protects and stops the E-Board in case of obstacles or overload. 
Theft-proof design can not be dismantled in the retracted state.
Non-slip surface.


The six-bar mechanism is protected by 10 national and international patents. It is responsible for the perfect travel of the treads, ensuring high reliability and the complete retraction and extension of th treads.
Designed with small dimensions and very quiet running noise of less than 70dB.
The treads are designed for a load of 300 kg.


The improved control system with components assembled to military standards ensures an even and reliable operation.
The wiring is very simple. The control system only has to be connected to the treads via a plug-in connection and connected to ground and +12 volts of the vehicle battery.
The steps will automatically open as soon as a door is opened and retract when the doors are closed.


Tested to more than 100,000 cycles.


These E-Boards are certified according to ISO / TS 16949, the international standard for quality management in the automotive industry.


Vehicle Information
Lift Height All Heights

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