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Airbag Man Coil Air Kit 3 Inch Lift Suitable For Landcruiser 80 Series(Heavy Duty) (Kit)

BrandAirbag Man
Product ID31096

$370.00  (Kit)

Supply Only Price
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Coil Air Helper Suspension

Coil Air Helper Suspension is designed to fit inside existing coil springs to provide levelling control to a vehicle when under load.
These airbags are made of durable polyurethane, providing years of comfort and stability to a vehicle.
You can adjust for varying loads and road conditions by simply inflating or deflating, just like inflating a tyre.

Airbag Man have 1000+ Air Suspension Helper Kits for Coil & Leaf Springs which utilise Firestone or Dunlop Airbags to provide
levelling control to a vehicle when towing or carrying load, we also have Full Coil Replacement kits to provide full height adjustment
for load carrying, ease of loading and additional clearance.

These airbags are made of durable polyurethane or heavy duty rubber providing years of comfort and stability to a vehicle.

You can adjust for varying loads & road conditions by simply inflating or deflating, just like inflating/deflating a tyre for front-to-rear &
side-to-side levelling control, this enables a vehicle to "level up" when towing caravans, boats and trailers or when a vehicle is carrying
heavy, uneven loads.

Install Video Coil Helper Kit

In Action Coil Helper Kit


  • Heavy Duty Firestone Airbags
  • Easy to install & operate
  • Improved steering & handling
  • No more spring sag
  • Maintain Correct Vehicle Height
  • Supplied In Kit Form
  • Easy To Follow Instructions & Video
  • Decreased tyre wear
  • More even brake wear
  • Step by step instructions
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Well Proven
  • More Even Brake Wear
  • ISO 9001 Approved

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Vehicle Information
Lift Height 3 inch